Upswung Manual & Automatic Barrier Arm Gates

We custom manufacture a complete line of manually operated products for commercial and governmental
applications to residential applications. These barrier gates come in sizes up to and over 32 foot arm lengths.
Check out the MB832 series of lockable manual & semi-automatic barrier gates and the light duty BTSW  gates below.

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upswung aluminum arm test Our MB832 Aluminum Barrier Arms are built to last with up to 32 ft long lengths without additional cables or braces. A full size RV tire with over 2000lbs of concentrated down force causes no damage or bending to our arm.  
Our test MB832 unit with 32 foot high arm in the Sierra Nevada mountain range withstood wind gusts over 100mph in the Winter of 2016-17
upswung test barrier gate upswung barrier gate base
Manual Barrier Gate Operators
mb832 barrier gate semi-automatic barrier gate mb832 stainless steel barrier gate upswung barrier gate cradle upswung tip suppoert
MB 832 Industrial Manual Barrier Gate 8 to 32 Ft Arm
MB 832SA Manual Barrier
8 to 32 Ft Arm REMOTE
MB832SS Stainless Steel
Manual Barrier
MB 832 Bolt-Down Cradle
MB 832 Drop-Down Tip Support FOR ARMS OVER 18 FT LONG
upswung light duty vehicle barrier gate upswung pedestrian barrier gate electric barrier gates  
BTSW818 Manual Barrier Gate 8 to 18 Ft Arm  LIGHT DUTY VEHICLE CONTROL BTSW612 Manual Barrier Gate 6 to 12 Ft Arm PEDESTRIAN CONTROL Commercial Automatic Barrier Gates from major manufacturers. Arm lengths range from 10 ft to 28 ft.
K8 to K12 & General Purpose Vehicle Control Bollards
automatic bollardretractable bollardremovable bollardfixed in ground bollard Street Traffic bollard K8 K12 rated retractable bollard
General Purpose Stainless Steel Bollards for Schools, Parks, Walkways,
Dealerships in Automatic, Retractable, Removable and Fixed varieties.
K Rated Security Crash bollards in Automatic Retractable. Manually Retractable & Fixed models

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