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The BLG76 is a unique above-ground barrier design, which effectively prevents both vehicles and pedestrians from UN-authorized access. The BLG76 is typically utilized for medium traffic volumes and single lane access point management, where the potential for high levels of foot traffic exists. It is designed to stand up to the harshest weather environments and operating conditions. Combining the BLG76 with an optional electro-magnetic arm tip support significantly reinforces pedestrian access control, by eliminating any possibility of opening the barrier by hand. The electro-magnetic tip support generates around (441 Lbs / 200 kg) of holding force.

The BLG76 is a real formidable barrier. It is most often utilized for asset protection in facilities that utilize full perimeter barrier protection. Common applications include: Commercial/industrial fenced in: garages and warehouses; parking areas where there is a high risk of vandalism or theft; outside inventory storage facilities, etc. The BLF76 opening/closing cycle speed is significantly faster than “Sliding Gate” barrier systems, which provides for greater vehicle throughput. In addition, the “above- ground” barrier gate design is functionally superior in Winter climates, and requires minimum maintenance compared to other sliding gate barrier designs. The BLF76 is extremely dependable and reliable, at the same time providing advanced safety features for both vehicles and pedestrians. The BLG76 is capable of utilizing barrier arms up to (20 feet / 5.50mm), and can fully open in 5 to 8 seconds.


• Completed Cycle Locking: Barrier arm mechanically locked in the fully completed 90º vertical up position, and in the completed horizontal down position.
• HD Clutch: Dual Friction Disk: Torque limiter (Heavy-duty), which protects the electromechanical drive system, as well as both vehicles and pedestrians.
• Emergency Crank with safety circuit. Safety valve on handle aperture.
• Barrier arm safety sensor system. (See options).
• Power Failure: System will shut off and the clutch will maintain the barrier arm in its current position.

Vehicle barrier gates, Manual barrier gate systems, parking gate, barrier gate

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