BTSW 612 Manual Barrier Gate Arm Operator

Light Duty Manual Barrier with cradle Arm length 18 feet
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btsw 612Upswung BTSW 612 Manually Operated Barrier Operator
The BTSW612 is a manually handle operated arm gate for light commercial applications.
Not as heavily constructed as the Upswung MB832 series these units are great for light duty applications in parking garages, loading docks or other traffic control uses in protected areas. 
The BTSW612 is shipped with a 12 ft arm which can be field cut to size, or we will cut to you specification at the factory before shipping.
Units are internally spring-balanced with no counterweight system. The spring tension holds the arm upright until pushed down. The removable top allows the spring be to changed or adjusted to accommodate different arm sizes. Tip support cradle is not required

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Arm Length 12 feet as measured from the pivot point.Arm constructed of extruded aluminum powder coated white                                       
Arm easily field cut to size
Spring adjustment for different arm lengths or smaller                                      
springs for shorter arms
Exterior angle iron flange for easy bolt-down to any surface
Internal spring counterbalancing for easy arm lifting and lowering
Heavy duty bearings and spindle shaft for long life
Light weight for portability – bolt to a movable surface                                                                                                
Heavy gauge sheet metal cabinet with baked on  enamel finish

Cabinet: Diameter (handle side) 8.5”, height 39.5”, height to centerline of arm 33.5”, mounting base ring 11" with 6- 3/8" holes.
Arm:  width 1.75”, height 3”, length to 12 ft max

Shipping wt; 75 lbs

Arm Barriers Gate Operator       

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