MB832-SS Manual Stainless Steel Barrier Arm Gate Operator

Stainless Steel Manual Barrier with cradle arm length to 32 feet
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Manual Stainless Steel Barrier Gates OperatorManual Barrier MB832SS is a Stainless Steel version of the powder coated MB832
This barrier operates the same as a the regular MB832, but is designed for outdoor use in a corrosive environment where a heavy
duty dependable maintenance free solution is required.
It can be continuously used by guards to control traffic at an entry point or operated occasionally for the blocking of roadways and
parking lots up to 32 ft in length. Two MB832s can be used at opposite sides of the roadway to cover a maximum of 64ft. If the
arm is damaged it can be easily replaced without special tools. All MB832s are fully assembled at our factory and balanced for the
arm used. Installation only requires bolting the MB832 down to a solid surface and bolting the predrilled arm on to the main unit.
The MB832 can also be bolted to a portable foundation and moved by forklift or tractor.

you tubeVideos: MB832 Poured-in-place Foundation   MB832 Portable Foundation 
                                                    MB832 Arm Balancing 

MB832 Cutsheet     MB832 Foundation Drawing     MB832 Warantee    MB832 Dimensions
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MB832SS Standard Specifications:

Round Aluminum powder coated arm 3" O.D. ; 8 to 32 ft length pre-cut and balanced at the factory
High quality DOT reflective tape included
Frame is heavy Stainless steel construction- 5/8" Base Plates and thick tubular construction using structural hot-rolled steel.
Plastic signage available (stop, do not enter, etc)
Three sizes of steel counterbalance plates for balancing arms up to
32ft in length
Arm can be locked by padlock in the up or down positions for added security and safety. All parts are powder coated orange for durability.
Pivot assembly is made of durable maintenance free plastic bushings and bolt assembly
Tip support
cradle is suggested for arm lengths over 16 ft.
tip support for areas where the MBcradle cannot be
Barrier arm catcher
cradle  is optional for shorter arms for
added support

Variable arm length: Three different sizes counterweights allow field adjustments up to 32 ft arm lengths, additional arm tube and splice
may be required Arm length- is measured from the front edge of the 4 hole baseplate

Base plate: 16" X 10.5"; height of arm above pavement 35"; overall height 37"; width of frame 10" X 10";
baseplate- 4 holes 5/8" dia.; length of counterweight arm from pivot 32.5" Maximum.
Arm length- is measured from the front edge of the 4 hole baseplate as it faces the street.

Shipping Wt.  182 to 502lbs depending on arm length.


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