MB832-PA Air-Operated Automatic Pneumatic Barrier Arm Gate

Pneumatic Automatic Barrier with cradle or tip support- custom arm lengths to 24 feet
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Pneumatic fully automatic barrier gate for Explosion Sensitive Applications.
This new type of pneumatic barrier gate can be installed in a day anywhere and can be powered by a small air supply
source with many remote control options saving substantial installation costs.

The system uses a remotely pneumatically controlled to release barrier arm from its locked position to allow it to travel up
or down automatically to its released position.

Typical Uses:
Automatic pneumatic explosion sensitve opening of roads, industrial plants or any other facility that needs pneumatic
two-way operation to egress traffic. Emergency closure of public roads during flooding, industrial plant fires, traffic
control for guard shack use to stop vehicles.

you tube Video of MB832-PA in operation

MB832SA barrier arm gate












  • The pneumatic operation is fully automatic.
  • Structural steel construction of base and swing arm.
  • Unit can be operated from either one or two 1/4" dia. air lines.
  • Air pressure required 40 to 100 psi depending on arm length.
  • Separately field adjustable arm ascent and descent speeds.
  • Fine control of arm speed and cushioning is controlled by field adjustable valves.
  • All mounting hardware is stainless steel.
  • Top quality pneumatic cylinder with built-in adjustable soft stop feature.
  • Can be temporary deployed on movable bases of wood or concrete.







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MB832-PA use in Explosive Environments:
Non-Electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, while not dangerous to the degree of their electrical counterparts,
still pose a danger and necessitate that preventative precautions be taken.

When it comes to the compliance of electrical equipment used in hazardous locations, the processes and conformity routes are pretty well
known amongst the manufacturing community. Yet the same cannot necessarily be said for mechanical (non-electrical) equipment used in hazardous
locations around the globe. Most national and regional conformity schemes cover the explosion protection requirements of electrical equipment only.

Certain proposed certifications may include pneumatic motor ceritification due to its type of moving parts and not for pneumatic cylinders as used in this product.
We cannot not supply any product with explosion proof certification or explosion proof guarrantee for the MB832-PA at this time.

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