MB832-SA Semi-Automatic Barrier Arm Gate Operator

Semi-Automatic Barrier with cradle or tip support- custom arm lengths to 32 feet
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Top 4 Questions:

When do you need an arm support?  A tip support or cradle is needed for arms over 18ft long. 
What length arm should I order for a 18ft plus barrier gate that requires a fixed cradle?
When figuring your arm length, measure the "dirt to dirt " distance from edge of asphalt of the roadway or back of curb(s) and
add 1.5 ft or 18 inches to that dimension for the total arm length to order, but if using a tip support
How is the arm distance measured?
The arm length measurement starts even with the arm side of the baseplate edge that runs parallel to and is closest to the street .

Can the barrier gate arm be locked?
The arm can be locked in up or down position with a simple medium size padlock or will lock and release remptely using the magnet lock.

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MB832SA barrier arm gate












The new system uses a magnetic lock fail-safe* controlled remotely to release barrier arm from its locked position to allow it to travel up
or down automatically to its released positon. Also this unit can be ordered with an electrical mechanical lock fail secure** to release barrier
arm from its locked position to allow it to travel up or down automatically to its released positon. Once the barrier gate is remotely actuated
it is returned to the locked position by hand. The MB832SA can be additionally locked in the released position for added security.
*Fail-safe arm unlocks during power failure  
** Fail-secure arm stays locked during power failure.

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Why buy a Semi-automatic barrier gate versus an electric barrier gate?
This new type of barrier gate can be installed in a couple of hours anywhere and can be powered by a small solar panel with many remote
control options saving substantial installation costs.
Typical Uses:
Emergency opening of roads, parking lots, industrial plants or any other facility that needs emergency
one-way operation to egress traffic.Emergency closure of public roads during flooding, industrial plant fires, traffic control for guard shack use to stop vehicles.

How it works from arm up locked position to released down position:
Note: Semi-automatic parts shown in black for clarity.

vertical gate                     magnetic strike           lock down magnetic lock

Barrier in the magnetic locked            Magnetic lock releases - barrier arm lowers.       Barrier arm in the closed Down Position
 up position. The mag-lock holds           After power is cut to the mag-lock                 In the down position additional mag-lock
 barrier arm in the up position             a torsion spring starts the arm moving                  can be added to hold the arm down
with 1200 lbs holding force.              to the down position. Counterweights                             for added security.

How it works from arm down locked position to released up position:
Note: Semi-automatic parts shown in black for clarity

barrier magnetic lock         barrier gate              barrier magnetic lock
Barrier in the magnetic locked down       Magnetic lock releases - barrier arm      Barrier arm in the open up position.
position. The mag-lock holds barrier       goes up. After power is cut to                  In the up position an additional
arm in the down position with                   the mag-lock counterweights start           mag-lock can be added to hold
1200 lbs holding force. When power       the arm moving to the up position.          the arm up for added security
to the mag-lock is cut the barrier arm     Counterweights can be field
will go up.                                                    adjusted to control speed

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