Plastic Arm Gate Signs

Gate Operator Arm Signs for   Traffic and Pedestrian Control.

For assistance please call 775-588-1475, 775-588-1473 or 775-588-1440 EXT 112
All of our signage is made with a light tempered flexible plastic with high gloss visual lettering.

These signs are meant to be attached to any swing gate, sliding gate or drop arm barrier gate.
In the case of barrier gates where the arm drops down from overhead it is important that a plastic sign is used because of the
danger of accidential impact of the sign on a pedestrian or vehicle.
A plastic sign is far less damaging on impact compared to a thin metal sign when mounted on a drop arm barrier gate.
Another consideration is that in windly areas large signs are not recommended for barrier arm gates because of a flagging action in
high winds. This can cause the sign to tear away from it mounting to the arm or cause the whole arm to fail.
In windly areas where a sign is needed it is best to keep the sign height equal to the arm diameter to reduce wind drag.
Please call for assistance on pricing and shipping at 775-588-1475 x 152. 

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