Plastic Movable Bollards

When to use a movable plastic bollard ?

This bollard is normally used for temporary or permanment traffic control on roads, driveways, campuses and other public areas.
Since it is easily movable with its "tee" handle, it can be moved multiple times a day.
Plastic bollards are light weight with a heavy rubber base. The heavy rubber base adds stability in windy areas so that the bollard will not tip over.
The bollard is made up of
two separate pieces, the red colored bollard with reflective tape and the heavy rubber base that slips over the bollard to anchor it.

This is a cost effective way to block vehicle access on a temporary / pernament basis.

Movable Fixed
Material:Plastic post and rubber base
Easy to use grab handle
Height: 1150mm/ 45.3 in
Post Dia:100mm/  3.9 in
Base size: 400mm
Base Weight: 8.00KG/ 17.6 lbs
Total Weight: 9.00KG/ 19.8 lbs
Reflective Tape: 25cm H.I Grade


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