Plastic Spring-Back Bollards

When to use a Spring-back plastic bollard ?

This bollard is normally used for permanment parking control for any commercial building, campus, parking lot or
other location where vehicle control is needed.

This bollard is made up of a heavy rubber base and red high impact plastic bollard that is removable from the base.
The rubber base can be attached to any solid surface such as concrete or asphalt. The bollard portion is locked into the base
with a twisting motion and is easily removed without tools.

There is a spring back mechanism in the bollard allows the bollard to spring back after it is knocked over by a car.
This is a cost effective way to block vehicle access on a temporary / pernament basis.

We inventory semi-automatic stainless steel bollards, Inground Fixed, Manual and Retractable the most commonly used
and available for immediate delivery.  We custom manufacture bollards made to your specifications allow 8-10 weeks for special order. 

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 Movable plastic bollardUPS-PF100/1000
Removable Fixed
Removable post can be twisted in the
base to lock.
Material: LDPE post and rubber base.
Height: 1000mm/ 39.3 in
Post Dia: 100mm/  3.9  in
Reflective tape: 45cm/ 17 3/4 in wide
PE post will spring back instantly
after collision.
Prismatic reflective tape
Rubber base can be fixed on the
ground by bolts.       



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